[Writing Prompts] 100 Days of Discussion

Need ideas of topics to write about?

This Instagram feed of #100DaysofDiscussion has photos of 100 days of discussion questions—all written on notecards by Jennifer E. Snyder.

You can certainly use them as conversation topics for speaking practice. But they can also be used for writing practice!

Writing Prompts: 100 Days of Discussion

Some questions are light and simple, like day 91: “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”

#100DaysofDiscussion #The100DayProject // 91/100 // Cookie dough never disappoints! 🍦

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Others require more thought, such as day 81’s “What activities make you feel like your true self?”

#100DaysofDiscussion #The100DayProject // 81/100 // Writing, of course. Also: the occasional impromptu solo dance party.

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And some will help you cultivate gratitude: What was the highlight (best part) of your week?


For any question, you can post a short answer on Twitter, or write a paragraph in your journal.

So, tell me: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? (I like vanilla and mint chocolate chip!)


I hope you like these prompts! Thanks for being here.

With gratitude,

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