In my sixth grade (age 12) music class, we wrote an opera.

We took tunes (melodies) from common songs and wrote new lyrics for them.

I can still sing these songs today (age 27)!

Song lyrics are easier to memorize because there’s a melody. This means songs are excellent for language learning. Plus, they’re fun!

An incredible tool for learning English with songs is the game LyricsTraining.

LyricsTraining - Learn English with music videos

Learn English with Lyricstraining

LyricsTraining takes music videos and turns them into language learning games.

I play this game using Spanish and French music videos, so I personally recommend it!

Set the language to “English” at the top. Then, search for a song or artist—or browse through different genres (types).

Look at all of the different genres of music on the site!

LyricsTraining genres

I’ll show you an example with Regina Spektor’s “Fidelity.”

First you select a “Game Mode,” which is the level of difficulty.

LyricsTraining game mode difficulty

I clicked “Beginner.”

Then, you choose either “Write Mode” or “Choice Mode”:

LyricsTraining Write Choice Mode

I usually begin in “Choice Mode.”

This means there are four word choices on the right side of the video. When the lyrics reach a blank, you click on the correct word.

This way, even if you don’t know exactly what word was sung, you can still make a smart guess (based on what sounds you heard).

LyricsTraining Choice Mode

For example, let’s say I don’t know what Regina sang. It sounded like “I never lud nobody fully.” So I could guess the word “loved.” This is awesome listening practice!

Once I’ve practiced a song many time, I challenge myself with “Write Mode.”

In Write Mode, you type the missing word. This means you need to know how to spell it!

LyricsTraining Write Mode

If you are stuck on a word, press the “tab” key on your keyboard to skip it. (It’ll show the answer.)

The game keeps track of your number of skips (“fails”), which affects your final score.

Sign up for a free account to track your progress.

Have you ever played LyricsTraining? What are your favorite songs?

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