Everyday vs. Every Day

The sun rises every day.

Or is it “everyday”? Ah!

Today’s post is about a written mistake that I see all the time from native English speakers.

Everyday vs. Every Day

Do you know when to use “every day” and “everyday”?

Everyday vs. Every Day

Everyday is an adjective. That means it’s used to describe nouns.

I need to buy some everyday shoes.

I want to learn everyday phrases in English!

You don’t need to know calculus for everyday situations.

Every day means “each day.” It tells how often something is done.

I write in my journal every day.

I receive an inspirational email every day from Amber Rae.

Do you use English every day?

Do you understand the difference?

Visuals: Everyday vs. Every Day

There are many great images online about these two words. I hope these visuals will help you remember the difference:

Every day vs. Everyday - Grammar.cl


Every day everyday
From www.dianewordsmith.com


Every day vs. everyday
From prnewswire.com


And lastly, here’s a comic from “Grammar Chickens”:

Every day vs. Everyday - Grammar Chickens

Now, are you ready to test your knowledge?

Everyday vs. Every Day: Find the Errors

Here are real sentences published online with the word “everyday.” Can you find any errors?

In fact, currently there’s an error in one of the first five sentences:

FrazeIt - Everyday - Error

Can you find it?

I’ll post the answer below.


(But try to find it yourself, first!)


Okay, here comes the answer:

FrazeIt - Everyday Correction

Do you understand why it should say “…on my way to work every day in Chicago”?

You can look for more errors by doing the same thing on Wordnik.

Practice Online!

This week as you read blog post comments, tweets, and Facebook posts in English, look for the words “everyday” and “every day.” Did the writer use them correctly?

You are very welcome to share any sentences here that you find!


I hope this topic is clear for you now. Thanks for being here!

With gratitude,

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