Need a document to be written in perfect English?

I can edit your:

… and much more!

Send me an email (englishwithrebe [at] gmail [dot] com) or fill out this contact form and we can discuss rates!

Discounts available for students.

Note: I do all editing in Google Drive, and payments are made via Paypal.


Editing together

I also love teaching English learners, so you know why I made a change.

That’s why I offer one-on-one sessions where we edit a document together, live (in real time), using Google Drive and Google Hangouts (video chat).

During the session I’ll explain—in clear English—why I’m making the changes that I make.

This way, your writing and language skills will improve immensely.

Editing Together Rates: 

  • 15 minutes: 10 euros
  • 30 minutes: 15 euros



Want to improve your written English while making a new friend?

I offer an email correspondence service, where we communicate via email. This gives you real practice communicating in written English.

I reply to your email, but can also send you corrections of each of your emails. These include corrections and helpful comments that explain why I made certain changes.

Find more information here: Rebemail