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“Want to start each day with wonder?”

That’s the question Amber Rae asks on the Daily Clues page of her website.

Amber Rae is all about choosing wonder over worry. (Wonder > worry)

And she sends out a free email each day: a “Daily Clue.” These are a great resource for English learners!

Amber Rae Daily Clue - English Reading Practice

Here’s how she describes them:

Daily Clues are a pep-talk, permission-slip, and no-bullshit morning dose of introspection and action. They’re a daily reminder of what’s possible when we give curiosity more power than doubt, wonder more focus than worry, and love more energy than fear.

Curious to see what happens when Wonder leads the way? Join the community by subscribing below.

I receive a Daily Clue from Amber each day, and I love them!

The emails are short to medium length, so you can read it right away. That means you’ll read in English every day!

For example, here’s a short Clue that I got the other day:

Hey Rebecca

A short poem and reminder on saying “No”—in case you need the reminder:

nayyirah waheed poem


See? Short and sweet! (And now we have another wonderful resource of English reading material: poems from Nayyirah Waheed!)

Most emails are a bit longer than this—either several sentences or 2-3 paragraphs. No matter the length, all will inspire you to have more wonder and less worry in your life!

Do these Daily Clues interest you?

As always, thanks for being here.

With gratitude,


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